Pesticide residues found in 70% of produce sold in US even after washing (via the Guardian)

Strawberries, spinach and kale among most pesticide-heavy, with conventionally farmed kale containing up to 18 pesticides.

About 70% of fresh produce sold in the US has pesticide residues on it even after it is washed, according to a health advocacy group.

According to the Environmental Working Group’s annual analysis of US Department of Agriculture data, strawberries, spinach and kale are among the most pesticide-heavy produce, while avocados, sweetcorn and pineapples had the lowest level of residues.

More than 92% of kale tested contained two or more pesticide residues, according to the analysis, and a single sample of conventionally farmed kale could contain up to 18 different pesticides.

Full article here: the Guardian